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Global Prayer Network Missions, GPN Missions for short, is a non-denominational, non-partisan, non-governmental organization. Global Prayer Network is an existing Christian Organization not for profit making, the main goal is to bring the Lost To Christ (Soul

It was founded and started by Apostle Harrison Harrison-Quaye, formally known as Apostle Harrison Quaye Okaitey, through social media, mostly on facebook, in 2010 to create the call and the need for the ‘saved’ to keep praying for the ‘lost’. The grace of God grew the Network from praying to reaching out to the ‘lost’ with focus on the remote rural areas.

Our mission is to unite all Christian families around the world to be trained for effective soul winning, missionary work, prayer and fasting, movement for spiritual renewal and revival to take place in the life of individuals to transform families, Churches, Communities, Nations and the world at large

GPN Missions’ Objectives

Dr Lawrence Tetteh – About GPN Missions

Listen to Dr Lawrence Tetteh, President of the Worldwide Miracle Outreach, talk about GPN Missions.

We believe you to join in the move to reaching people in the remote rural areas with the message of the Gospel and with material and financial aids to put smile and joy on their face as the Word establishes root in their heart.

God bless you